La Jolla Vehicle Transportation Services

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to check in this late Monday night before another great day at work tomorrow and let you all know that our marketing efforts have been working better than ever.  I know a lot of people say that, but we have the stats to prove it.  Check out the graph below for Ocean Bay La Jolla Taxi Service:

[caption id="attachment_28" align="alignnone" width="339"]130% Increase in visitors in less than one month 130% Increase in visitors in less than one month[/caption]

As you can see from this graph, La Jolla taxi was receiving around 15 customers a month and after working with our team is now seeing over 400 visitors per month!!  This graph isn’t even an accurate portrayal to the real results behind the scenes.  This is equaling dozens more phone calls every single day!

What we’ve done for them to achieve these results:

  1. Began a vigorous marketing campaign to get the word out to over 600 online visitors per month.
  2. Began an advertising campaign via Adwords.
  3. Complete overhaul and renovation of their current website.
  4. Paid particular attention to the demands of the customers.

By following these easy 4 step program, we have been able to create a presence for Ocean Bay Taxi & Transportation which has really helped them develop their company and brand recognition within the market.

You’d be amazed at what investing some money into your business’s marketing campaign would be able to do for you (as you can especially see here in this example).  Our goal is to meet and exceed the demands of our customers no matter how large.  Your business growth opportunity is directly proportional to the amount of time and investment you are willing to spend on your business.

If you need help developing cash flow, the following are some tools and tips you can use today to start increasing your business:

  • Take out a credit line to fast (stream-line) your marketing campaign to get local reach.
    • Be sure to hire the correct marketing team with a proven track record and results.
  • Dominate your local & national market space – put your brand everywhere for all to see it.
  • Use income generated by the business as a direct investment back into the business – always add the surplus of your revenue generation back into the company immediately.

These are just a few easy steps you can start using today to begin seeing an increase in your business immediately, as Ocean Bay Taxi & Transportation have seen.  This taxi service in La Jolla that specializes in quality transportation has done the following steps above and we have worked with them to bring tremendous results for a very appropriate price.

If you would like to contact our marketing director about services for your business, please call 619-735-0572 to be contacted directly to his line.

Here at El Dorado United, we sincerely hope that your marketing goals and business growth double; even triple this year of 2015.  It is extremely possible.  And with our help you will exceed the goals you have set out for this year.

Thanks for your time.

El Dorado Team
City of La Jolla, San Diego County California.

Moving Pianos – No Easy Business

Wunited_piano_moving_companye recently started working marketing and advertising campaign efforts for a piano moving company that was much more than we had anticipated.  The business requires much proper conduct and has to be within full accordance with the FDAC as well as OCEA to fully comply with the mandates specified by the government.

We give them great props for jumping through many leaps and hurdles to become a well pronounced and fairly well established piano moving company, and have done a great job so far we have seen.  Their ratings on Yelp and other review service websites is outstanding and overall customers have been extremely happy with the service that they provide.

We began marketing efforts in December of 2014 and so far we have began to see noticeable improvements in the quantity of customers that United Piano Movers San Diego have seen which is excellent because that is the exact medicine we prescribed to their pre-requisite condition.

Through our marketing and advertising campaign, we have seen a dramatic increase in the customer increase flow, thus leading us to believe that our efforts have worked even better than the customer (United Piano Movers) had desired.

We started the campaign believing that we would see an increase of about 15 customers per month, or, 1 new customer every two days – which, if is a large order to fill if you didn’t know.  In the piano moving business that is around two-thousand five-hundred more in sales for the business which is huge!

But you know what, we’ve exceeded our set expectations by bringing them a whopping 32 customers their first month.  Not only is that more than double what we had projected to bring for them, that is an additional five-thousand more in business which is an ultimate game changer for a local business.

We are ecstatic to share this news with you, as are our customers, and we hope to show you these figures in efforts to help local businesses around the world together. Thank you for reading our latest work with United Piano Movers, if you would like to inquire us about our services, please post a comment below and we will be sure to reach out back to you.

Private Car Service

limo_services We’ve started launching a business and marketing campaign for “Wilmington Private Car Service” where we are taking over the Google Adwords – advertising for this company and will be helping with their efforts of marketing.  Just wanted to post here so you can personally follow the success story.

This company, a Wilmington Private Car service that offers Delaware a quality and luxurious private car transportation service.  They offer services for a wide range of occasions including birthdays, weddings, school dances, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and much more to keep the customer well enthused and having a remarkable time in their fine new age limos.

For their limo services, they also offer  great service, and all the amenities one should expect in a quality private car service, including:

  • Ice Cold Dual AC
  • Privacy Glass
  • Fine Stitched Leather Seats
  • Special Event Decorations
  • Plasma TV’s, MP3, & DVD

And much more to appeal to anyone who would like to enjoy a great time in a fun afternoon private vehicle ride.

When you’re in Wilmington, Delaware, be sure to get a private vehicle service with Wilmington Private Car Service and if you mention our name, you will get a pro-rated discount of 10-15% off the standard MSRP.  We hope that they treat you to the quality private vehicles that we have seen thus far, and we will continue to update you on the status of their marketing campaign.

Thus far they have started to receive several leads a day from our marketing efforts with them.  This has translated into more sales for this business that they have thus far been ecstatic about.



We will post updates through the course of their marketing campaign.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like advertising and marketing services done for your local business. Have a great day.

El Dorado United

Welcome to El Dorado United

Welcome here to El Dorado United.  We are a local company that helps other local businesses organize their advertising & marketing campaigns, primarily in the automotive industry.  If you need help with your advertising campaign please message us.


This service is here for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of large marketing campaigns.  As you may know, organizing a huge advertising campaign for automotive dealerships and auto companies can be a huge headache, more than it has to be.

That’s where we come in.  We simplify the process by completely doing your advertising for you in 3 easy steps that follow:

  1. Please notify us your advertising goals (how many people you wish to reach).
  2. Give us your company information.
  3. Review your ad.

That’s it.  It is extremely simple to work with us.  Once we have your advertising goals, we will know the best companies and places to the farthest reaches of the web to display your advertisements and we provide detailed reports so that you can see your progress and ad live.  From here we’ll take over everything making sure that your ad looks nice, has proper placement and is getting in front of eyes.


Our service comes in easy Paypal payments, a low flat fee and is an all-inclusive service.  We also accept almost all major credit cards.  Please notify one of our specialists.  You will be given your very own tracking portal so that you can monitor the results of each ad and request changes if you would like to remove your ad, or update your information.

Please contact us if you would like information for help with your advertising and marketing dealings.